Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Muslim holy month

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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Muslim holy month begins

Carrissa Bishop-Sage, a sophomore comparative religions major, said the first student she met at SJSU last year was a Muslim. Bishop-Sage said she asked the student about Islam and researched the religion.

Bishop-Sage said, "It made a lot of sense" to her, and she converted to Islam in January....

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The 22-country Arab League will send envoys on a historic first mission to Israel this week to discuss a sweeping Arab peace initiative and how it might prop up embattled Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, Israeli and Arab diplomats. What little we have been told is pure anti-Arab propaganda. Nothing good is ever said by the West about the Arabs; I never heard anything good in school about the Arabs. I think is it racism, but try as they will, Israel will never willingly withdraw from the Israeli-occupied Arab territories and has said flatly she will never give up Jerusalem, and because the Arabs have said they will never be satisfied with anything short of an Israeli withdrawal from Arab territories, including and particularly Jerusalem, nothing less than forced intervention by one of the superpowers can solve the situation. Because Arab patience has reached its limits with Israeli refusal to abide by the unenforced U.N. Resolution No.242 in which virtually the whole world, including America, agreed that Israel should withdraw from Arab lands. America will fight for the possession of Israel and Arab oil.
Ted Rudow III,MA

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