Thursday, September 13, 2007

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MultimediaOpposing views: Are you concerning with global warming?
Abstract: Worldwide, the signs are everywhere. Ice is melting left and right. Once-majestic glaciers are rapidly disappearing. Sea levels are rising. Polar bears are drowning. Our planet is heating up at rates never before seen. Am I worried? You better believe it. And yet, I find myself more concerned by the general public's mental and physical inertia when it comes to this deadly phenomenon we call "global warming....
Ted Rudow III,MA
Saving the world by cleaning up the environment is one thing the Antichrist will be able to get almost everyone to agree upon. He'll have grand plans to save the world from climate change, from war, from financial disaster, and more--the savior who's come to save and preserve the things that are seen, all the while he's planning to subvert and capture the things that are unseen, the souls of men.
The Enemy is working behind the scenes to help create these different crises and stir up concern about them--the environment in this case, but you can be sure that he has some serious wars and financial crises and perhaps some pandemics or plagues in his dirty little bag of tricks to try in the future. He's trying to set the stage and arrange the circumstances for a desperate world to cry out, "Who will save us from this disaster?!" And he has just the candidate for the job--the Antichrist.

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