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Sunday, December 25, 2005

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There's no debate about what to call this day -- Merry Christmas!

Editor -- Rejoice this Christmas!

There's never been a time in all of history when the world has been in such sin and sorrow as it is now. There's so much talk about the advancement and betterment of mankind -- advanced medicine, modern technology, new inventions, better governments to make it a better world to live in -- so much talk of progress, when in reality things are regressing all the more.

Look around. You can't deny it.

What better way to live Christmas each and every day of the year than to continually give to those around you, to truly live how He taught us, to show His love in all the little ways throughout the day. It's just human nature to sometimes confuse the words you say, but there's no confusion when they see it put into practice.

It's like that poem by Edgar A. Guest, which says: "I'd rather see a sermon, than to hear one any day. I'd rather one would walk with me than merely tell the way. For most people to accept the truth, they not only need to hear the sermon, but they need to see the sample as well.''

Be the living sample of the message, the living proof that it works! This is the real meaning of Christmas.


Menlo Park

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