Saturday, January 28, 2006

Americans' support for war

The Commentator January 2006 Edition
Foreign Affairs [7]

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Bush's war and the religious right Ted Rudow III,MA (650-814-1077 or

No matter how bad it gets, nothing seems to change Americans' support for war, which for some reason is stiffest among Christian supporters of the Bush administration. Bush's war is working, do not seek out evidence of the maiming and killing of our troops or of Iraqi civilians, have been immunized against thinking for themselves or doubting the Bush administration with certain Bible verses.

You just can't imagine people in this supposedly civilized age of intelligent sane people, even many Christians, actually going to war. Their whole culture is to blame – A culture that says war is all right, that it's legitimate to tear bodies apart and destroy the lives of men, women and children. You just can't imagine civilized people talking calmly about it. War is insanity! They're declaring war in the name of peace.

The government propagandizes people in so many ways to try to make their war justified. It's amazing just how easily the sheep are led astray. It's insanity; it's a power lust. They don't care how many lives they throw away just to get their own way.

We will continue to slide into the kind of moral relativism that causes others to wonder why we are so bloodthirsty. When all they're doing is trying to possess the oil! As Bush even said in one of his first speeches about this crisis, "To preserve our way of life." That's all America's concerned about!

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