Thursday, July 14, 2005


Wednesday,July 13 2005 -San Mateo Daily Journal
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Surveillance society of the Antichrist Editor, The Homeland Security department asked major cities Thursday to increase vigilance of their transportation systems after a series of explosions on London transit systems. In San Francisco, Bay Area Rapid Transit system security was increased at all stations, including “significant increase of police and employees on the system and closure of all station bathrooms,” said BART spokesman Jim Allison. “Other security measures not being made public.” Remember when the idea of cameras all over the place, monitoring your every move, would have seemed bizarre, Orwellian or like something out of the Soviet Union? How things change. And the way they change is little by little, with a camera here and there in some necessary spot, until any uproar dies down and the public gets accustomed to seeing them. Meanwhile, they’re told how “secure” they now are and what an asset all this surveillance technology is. Then the cameras spread, and before you know it, they’re all over the place, from the mean streets of Los Angeles to the peaceful streets of Singapore. It doesn’t seem unusual anymore, and hardly even makes the news. People have been programmed to accept them and almost ignore them, because they’re part of modern life. And so the cameras spread and attitudes change more and more, and the world is prepared for the surveillance society of the Antichrist. Ted Rudow III ,MA Menlo Park

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