Saturday, July 23, 2005


The Commentator July 2005 Edition
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Journalists often have very little say in how their stories come out, and how they're slanted! And, unless they're especially courageous, after a while many reporters will just take the path of least resistance and write their stories in a way that they know they'll have the least trouble.

The result is that most people who watch or read the news wind up with a very distorted, perverse view of what's happening, and that translates into a support of the main aggressor in the conflict, Israel, which has been occupying Palestinian lands for more than 50 years. The poor Palestinians can hardly get a fair break in a lot of the Western media! They get more fair, unbiased coverage in some of the Israeli papers than they do in the American media!

So take what you see on TV news or read in mainstream papers with a healthy dose of skepticism, folks! You may be getting only part of the truth-the part that's designed to leave you thinking or feeling a certain way. It's often news with an agenda or an attitude, designed to make you feel the same way-almost like advertising!

Ted Rudow III,MA,

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Christopher Trottier said...

Are you a journalist yourself?