Thursday, July 28, 2005


Castro criticized international media based in Cuba, accusing some journalists of siding with the American government "and working in full complicity with the office of the U.S. Interests Section to misinform and deceive the world about the Cuban reality."
I really believe Castro loves the Lord. I even heard him say on the radio once what Cubans need to be is more Christian, and I believe he meant it. He really tried to be more Christian by sharing the wealth, the vast wealth and lands of the rich, with Cuba's very poverty-stricken poor. That's what made so many people, especially the rich Americans who nearly owned Cuba, so angry at him, and they haven't forgiven him to this very day.
The U.S. is the one that's making a mess out of Cuba. It's not the fault of the Cubans or Castro. Castro has made his mistakes, but the U.S. is the main one to blame. The U.S. is trying to blame Cuba's poverty and troubles and everything else on Castro, when for 40 years the U.S. has devastated Cuba through American sanctions and embargoes. It's those embargoes that have made it so hard on the Cubans, just like the sanctions … like did to the Iraqis.
It's hurting the poor of Cuba more than anybody, whom they claim they want to help! If the U.S. would just drop the embargoes, Cuba would thrive and prosper even under Castro; but the U.S. doesn't want to. The U.S. is a big bully, and big bullies have a lot of pride and cannot stand to be defied, opposed or challenged!
Ted Rudow III,MA

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