Monday, August 05, 2013

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"An eye for an eye" has always been the motto of those who live under the Mosaic Law--injury for injury, injustice for injustice, death for death. There was love and mercy and forgiveness even under the Mosaic Law, but those who practice it today have focused on justice and judgment rather than mercy and forgiveness, and their justice has become injustice and their judgment has become the slaughter of the innocent and the butchery of the helpless.

Such is the situation in the Mideast today, where the Palestinians suffer at the hands of the Israelis. Though neither side is blameless and some on both sides have shed innocent blood, those to delivered and of old are most guilty. For even of old said "Thou shalt not kill," but they have created legions of widows and orphans whose cries rise unto. Those who have sown violence and death will also reap it, for whatsoever a man sows, that will he also reap. Applicable both to those who sow good and those who sow evil.

There's been talk of "Peace, peace" for years now, and that's about all it's been--talk. Now sudden destruction has come upon the area, as travail upon a woman with child. It was inevitable, just like a woman going into labor when she's ready to deliver a child. The Israelis have remained the same as always. They let the Palestinians have a few status symbols, things like their own airport and passports and government buildings here and there, but a lot of good it did the Palestinians! The poor Palestinians have been hoping for change for years, but there's been very little change.

Ted Rudow III, MA

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Byron Gregory Himmel said...

Yes Ted, so true. It is sad how the media will not give BOTH SIDES of the Palestinian question but always takes the Israeli side. It makes you wonder who owns the Media companies-- Duh!! Keep getting out the message and giving the Whole Story instead of the distorted lies of Big Brother!

Byron Gregory Himmel said...

Fantastic Ted, great post and so true. We know the Israelis own the media companies so we are all fed what they want us to hear. So sad that the poor Palestinians are still being ripped off! The Jews stole their lands starting in the early 40's through all the Jews in England and the US who pushed the UN to let them expand their territories. What us sow you will reap!!