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Peninsula readers' letters: August 24

From Daily News Group readers

Posted:   08/23/2013 06:35:12 PM PDT
Updated:   3 days ago

Civil rights march

Dear Editor: More than a quarter-million people came to the nation's capital on Aug. 28, 1963, to protest discrimination, joblessness and economic inequality faced by African Americans. Many now consider the march to be a key turning point in the civil rights movement.

Most white Americans certainly believed that the push to civil rights was moving too fast. And in that moment, civil rights as a concept, integration as a concept, was still somewhat controversial, and how America got there was not a foregone conclusion. The roots of the march really go back 20 years earlier to a march that A. Philip Randolph called and then canceled at the last minute in 1941. The purpose of that march was to protest employment discrimination in the defense industries and also segregation and discrimination in the armed forces. This was actually the point before the U.S. actually entered the war. But President Roosevelt had called on the United States not to enter the war directly, but to serve as what he called an "arsenal of democracy."

Has his dream been realized? Has that dream come true in your life? Has that dream been fulfilled? Or have our ideals and our aspirations fallen by the wayside? Where is the unity, the brotherhood, the oneness of heart and spirit? His dream can only become a reality through love, the supernatural love of God. This is what brings unity. This is what brings equality. This is what brings mutual respect. This is what makes a man willing to prefer another and lift up another, and sacrifice of himself to improve the life of another.

Ted Rudow III,

Palo Alto

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