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Reader's letters about Sept. 11 attacks make no sense

by defaultuser Oct 25, 2001 12:00 am Sept. 11
Sept. 11 attacks make no sense"

Here's the commentary from Ted Rudow. In his Oct.19 letter, Rudow states, "For all we know, the government could

just be framing those people, Osama bin Laden and all his


I must admit; I'm a little disappointed. Why stop there? Nothing

really happened at the World Trade Center. In fact, the story on the

East Coast is of a hijacked plane crashing into the Hollywood

sign. Oddly enough, they're celebrating in Time Square.

And what about that Holocaust thing (Letters, Oct. 19)? Does

anyone honestly buy that anymore? Our government has made up

all of this.

Silliness aside, when it comes between putting faith in my

country's leaders or in Rudow's paranoia, I'm going to choose my

leaders. What they say makes more sense than a man who

jumps at his own shadow. If our government wanted to fabricate

evidence against Osama bin Laden in order to quench our "lust"

for war, they could have done that with the Oklahoma City


However, Rudow does make one valid point, and that is the young

generation is handed the dirty work of those in charge. This does

not make the decision of our leaders any less valid. Sadly, war is a

young man's game, and as a young man I have to prepare myself

for possible enlistment if not drafting, depending on how events

pan out.

But before we bemoan the unfairness of it all, every person in

power was young once, too, and many of them had to accept the

same facts of life. For example, President John F. Kennedy served

in WWII.

Furthermore, the sacrifice of our troops is not the same as the

sacrifices of children made to the ancient deity Molech (Lev. 18:2

1), which Rudow outrageously conveys, attempting to sound


We are not sacrificing young Americans to some god in a ritual.

Rather we are accepting the possible sacrifice of some as a result

in our goal to bring about justice.

Of course, Rudow's not the only one using apathetic religion to

oppose war. There's also Todd Hendry, who states in "Opposing

Views," Oct. 17, "We should just leave everything in the hands of


Well gee, what a cop-out excuse to do nothing.

Jonathan Dekle Reagan



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