Thursday, November 22, 2012

raise the fist

raise the fist

FEATURE THIS The Dead Sea : Indybay

by Ted Rudow III, MA

In recent years, it's been discovered that these chemicals are very valuable,and they're now being extracted from the waters of the Dead Sea.

They estimate that the chemicals of the Dead Sea, including bromides, from which they make ethyl gasoline and medicines, nitrogen for explosives and potashes, which are used for fertiliser, so on, are worth $250 trillion!

The Dead Sea is worth more money than is in all the banks in the whole world: $250 trillion worth of chemicals!--A very valuable prize for any conquering nation that would like to have it! One of these days, according to Bible prophecy, Russia is going to march on Israel and try to capture all of this wealth. At the present time, Israel touches part of the Dead Sea. On the other side, it's surrounded by Jordan, which used to be called Trans-Jordan, because it was across the Dead Sea and across the Jordan.

Ted Rudow III, MA

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