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What Immanuel Kant said

Ted Rudow III, MA, Encina Ave, Palo Alto, CA
In his famous book of 1795 Immanuel Kant advocated these three things: Standing armies must be totally abolished in due course; a country must not intervene with force to change another country's structure or government; during war a country must not act so that it becomes impossible to be trusted during a future period of peace.
The U.S. disarmed Japan to guarantee its war objective: that Japan never again becomes a threat to the U.S. In accordance with Kant's third principle, we must not apply limitless violence in war, and we must think about the period after the restoration of peace.
As we bargain for peace, let us remember there will be no refunds on lives given toward the same purpose. There will be love and laughter and peace ever after in God's tomorrow when the world is free of war. God blesses peace!

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