Monday, October 18, 2010

Disappointed By Obama

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Disappointed By Obama

IF I had been working like mad in 2008 to get Obama elected because of some beauties in his rhetoric and had experienced what I have experienced now, I would not work for the midterm elections. Guantánamo is still there. Rendition is still there. There is the saying that no torture should take place; I haven't seen the mechanism to ensure that that's the case. The withdrawal from Iraq, with 50,000 remaining. Stepping up, escalating the war in Afghanistan. And as we know, whatever withdraws from Iraq essentially goes to Afghanistan instead.

I think it's very contrary to the kind of thing that he was exuding, including the nuclear point. What kind of thing is this, to get rid of old-fashioned weapons with the Russians and then arguing for $180 billion to modernize the nukes—$100 billion for the weapons carriers, $80 billion for new warheads? What kind of nuclear-free world is this? He should have had the decency, when Norway made the mistake of giving him the Nobel Peace Prize, of saying, "I graciously, gratefully decline. I haven't earned it yet. Let's come back when possibly I have earned it." He didn't say that, and dispensed with the prize money in a disgraceful way.

Ted Rudow III, MA

Menlo Park

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