Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Marijuana is a 'stepping stone'

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Letter: Marijuana is a 'stepping stone'
April 06, 2010,


According to an American Cancer Society article, marijuana impairs the immune system. Smoking marijuana regularly (a joint a day) can damage the cells in the bronchial passages which protect the body against inhaled microorganisms and decrease the ability of the immune cells in the lungs to fight off fungi, bacteria and tumor cells. "I would probably legalize it, but I don't think that will happen. The smugglers will then shift gears. Many years ago, I met with the head of Egyptian narcotics where users of pot and harder drugs would be monitored and given the best drugs in Egypt. When the border was closed by the Israeli war, it was also closed to the special cannabis coming in from Lebanon. Guess what? Cannabis users were now switching to heroin," said Dr. Richard Lyon, noted urological expert. People who have learned from hard experience with drugs will tell you that it's a stepping stone to drugs that are much more powerful and harmful, and that if you want to be safe and not go down that road of sorrow, you will not even take the first step.

Ted Rudow III,MA

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