Tuesday, April 06, 2010



Grabbed Jerusalem
by Ted Rudow III,MA ( Tedr77 [at] aol.com )
Tuesday Apr 6th, 2010
As so often happens in international settlementsand peace treaties, etc., they usually settle on about whatever they've conquered, so in the final days of the war the Jews made a big drive to get in and get Jerusalem, and they did.
As you can see, they drove like a dagger into the heart of the Palestinian area and grabbed Jerusalem, and it's been a point of argument ever since. Jerusalem was an all-Arab city, almost entirely Palestinian, including Bethlehem and all the surrounding area, but the Jews grabbed it, first the Western half, then the rest in the 1967 War.

In the original settlement, even Jerusalem and all this part was given to the Palestinian, in fact more than what is now the West Bank. Just about half of what is now Israel was given to the Palestinianin a very fair settlement, what they call the Partition--the Partition Settlement of that war between the Jews and the Palestinian. The Jews were given about half of present-day Israel, and the Palestinian or Palestinians were given the other half.
It was a very fair settlement and everyone agreed on it except guess who?--the Israeli! They just paid no attention to it, like it never had even been agreed on! The Palestinian agreed to it, the U.S. agreed to it, all the major World nations agreed to it, about the only ones who didn't were the Jews! And they just kept right on fighting and arguing and held their line that they had captured during the War. That's about all it did was stop'm from going any further, they just held the line, including Jerusalem.

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