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Tuesday | March 23, 2010

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Middle East butchery

'An eye for an eye' has always been the motto of those who live under Mosaic law. Injury for injury, injustice for injustice, death for death.

Yet, Jesus came to deliver men from the law and to give them grace and truth and mercy, but those to whom he came rejected him and the grace and love he bore, preferring their own works, their own righteousness, their own ways instead, and do so unto this very day.

There was love and mercy and forgiveness, even under the Mosaic law, but those who practise it today have focused on justice and judgment rather than mercy and forgiveness, and their justice has become injustice and their judgment has become the slaughter of the innocent and the butchery of the helpless. Such is the situation in the Middle East today, where the Palestinians suffer at the hands of the Israelis, although neither side is blameless and some on both sides have shed innocent blood.

Ted Rudow III

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