Friday, March 05, 2010



Ted Rudow III
04 March 2010 nowBuzz up!

Allende brought about his peaceful government in Chile by ballot, not bullet. But, you see, both Marx and Lenin taught that you'll never get the rich to give up their riches and share their wealth willingly, therefore you cannot legislate it. You cannot just pass laws to get them to do it, because they won't stand for it.

But the rich will nearly always fight and die for their riches. The rich would rather die than lose their wealth. That's why they fight their wars and send their own sons to die for them! So anyone trying to bring about a peaceful, nonviolent communist or socialist revolution is just wishfully thinking!

They allow the socialists to merely pass laws and vote their riches out of existence! They will use their power and wealth to buy the military and pay them to defend them. This is why so many Fascist takeovers happen This is why Hitler, Mussolini, Franco and many others came to power.

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