Monday, January 26, 2009

Well, Bush and his cronies will suffer the consequences one of these days

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Monday, January 26, 2009

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The world in a post-Bush era

Andrea Frainier
Issue date: 1/22/09 Section: Opinion thispageresult; } Media Credit: Andrea Frainier

Did you hear it? That swirling, churning, gurgling sound as the country flushed Bush back to Texas?

Can you believe it? After 2,922 arduous, burdensome and oppressive days in office, George W. Bush is no longer the president of the United States.

This is important. Let me say it again.

After eight painful years in office, George W. Bush is finished. He's history. He's gone. He got the ol' heave-ho. Throw a shoe at him, he's done.

I'm personally thrilled that this country now has a president who can correctly pronounce the word "nuclear."........
Bush is drunk with power, warmongering; he's an egomaniac who is only interested in serving his own selfish interests and in making a mark for himself in the world. One who can do so heartlessly and cruelly and purely for materialistic gain. He has shown his lack of concern and sympathy for the poor peoples of the world time after time, and his lack of willingness to help the poor, suffering, tortured and maimed.

Of course, we are pretty much convinced that whatever Bush does, he does out of political motivation for political gain. 935 lies have been reported and still counting. Bush and Cheney and their crew lied day after day, week after week, month after month, and the media flooded the U.S. and the world with their lies about weapons of mass destruction.

It's disgusting that Bush could lie his way into the Iraq War, causing the death of hundreds of thousands of Iraqis and the death of 4,000 American soldiers, not to mention the tens of thousands wounded on both sides, and not suffer any consequences for it! The American people are either ignorant or apathetic.

Well, Bush and his cronies will suffer the consequences one of these days when they have to face the Lord and explain themselves, and lies and excuses won't work with Him! The people who are hurting now are the "big money boys", because now their money is inflating and exploding in an inflation explosion. Now it's the big investors, big business, big money and big governments whose money is dwindling down to nothing so it can't even buy much any more. In spite of the fact that industry is slowing down and therefore unemployment is increasing, there are so many safety guarantees to keep wages up and to give unemployment insurance and to keep prices up that there is still inflation in spite of a recession or depression this minute picking up speed!

The strange thing that's happening is that the inflation is picking up speed right along with the depression, just the opposite of what happened in the Great Depression. This time they're not only going to have a big depression, or economic collapse, which in days past benefited the big money boys, but it is also going to bring about the collapse of big investors, governments, everybody! It's going to take the money down with it! And capitalism too!

Ted Rudow III, MA
class of 1996

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