Saturday, March 01, 2008

Little narrow

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March 1,2008

Little narrow
As usual, the Republicans are out to protect the rich--and to hell with the poor! The only thing they think of with their little narrow minds is, how can I hang on to my money--my investments--my big dollars in the banks--to protect all my interests? The rich are notoriously shortsighted when it comes to protecting their riches. They think by hanging onto them, they can protect them. But God's method of protecting them is to give to the poor--give them out--keep it in circulation--literally socialization! You're going to have to be better to the poor, or you're going to go bankrupt. You cannot amass all this wealth in the hands of a few rich and get away with it. ( Luke 12:15-21. ) The rust of their money is going to be a testimony against them. ( James 5:1-3. ) Why is the rust a testimony against them? Something that isn't used gets rusty--because they didn't put it to use and keep it in circulation.
Ted Rudow III,MA

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