Thursday, March 06, 2008

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Letters: Presidential campaign, war, energy, transportation, etc.

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Letters: Presidential campaign, war, energy, transportation, etc.

Thursday, March 6, 2008
Sen. John McCain got the support of Texas pastor John Hagee, an evangelical Christian who has made support for the state of Israel a centerpiece of his ministry.Hagee endorsed McCain ,saying he did so because McCain is a pro-life, pro-Israel politician who has pledged to secure the country's borders There's a rabidly Zionist bunch of Christians in the U.S. which is also adamantly opposed to Iran getting the bomb, in case it might attack Israel. John Hagee is very liberal with his ministry's money when it comes to Israel. A Religious News Service report stated that Hagee raised over $1 million to help Soviet Jews resettle in Israel. He believes that Jews already have a covenant with God and a relationship to God and do not need to come to the cross. This certainly is a shocking statement in the light of Jesus words that no man comes to the Father but through me (John 14:6).

Ted Rudow III,MA

The Stanford Daily


Thursday March 6, 2008


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Left Coast: Judging juries

March 6, 2008
By Kai Stinchcombe

"The framers of the Constitution considered jury trials the last bulwark of a free people. Thomas Jefferson called the jury trial “the only anchor yet imagined by man by which a government can be held to the principles of its constitution.” If “the consent of the governed” is the name, jury trials are the game. Citizens judge the facts and interpret the law, not the government.----The solution to problems with the jury system is more justice for citizens, not less. When juries are biased, as often happened in the pre-Civil Rights South, the solution should be to balance the make-up of juries, not reduce their power. The government should develop laws that the people believe in and then let the people enforce them. If the government cannot enforce laws with juries, those laws shouldn’t exist.The jury is the final protection of a free society against an overweening government — your liberties are protected by the judgments of the people, not the inclinations of the rulers.Kai speeds. Contact him at kstinch "at"

The only way that the president can get a dictatorial control on the country is to get control of the Supreme Court. You see, it's supposed to be a balanced government: You know, the legislative branch, Congress; the judicial branch, the Court; and the executive branch, the President. If any two of those can get together, they can control the other. Well, it's not likely the Supreme Court and Congress are going to make a dictator because there are plenty of both of them. It's not likely that the President is going to be able to control the Congress too well and become a dictatorship. But, if he can get control of five men!--In order to become a dictator in the United States, you only have to control five men.
There have been several men who have had that kind of majority to work with, but they were benign Presidents. They were good men who were trying to do the country good and they weren't trying to be a dictator. But there have been two men in American history, both of whom wanted to be dictators and they wanted to get control of the country, and they did it the same way.
I have the feeling that Bush is one of the ones who want to be King! A ruler and leader gets a little puffed up in his head and begins to think he's really a god. God won't stand for it.
Ted Rudow III,MA

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'This Queer Life'
Gay media: Judging by the cover

Michael RizzoI

"BMW: "Hard top. Firm bottom. It's so L.A."

Travelocity: "It shouldn't take highly developed gaydar to figure out which hotels are for you."

42 Below Vodka: "Drink it straight. Or gay."

If you recognize these pitches, it's because you've perused gay media. The tactic of these marketers is called niche advertising, and it's very lucrative.

High-profile national advertisers establish symbiotic relationships with producers of niche media publications and (in this case) the product is a capitalistically rationalized version of gay-for-pay.---

Ted Rudow III,MA 3/06/08
Sexual promiscuity: Moral fidelity among homosexuals is almost unknown. Despite what the gay rights people would like to have you believe about the acceptability of their lifestyle, the homosexual way of life commonly involves "cruising" or some other form of search for young, fresh sexual partners. During the course of one research study on AIDS, it was discovered the average homosexual interviewed had had 550 sexual partners. The AIDS victims averaged 1,100 different sexual partners, with some reporting as many as 20,000. This means that every day sexually addicted homosexuals are out looking for attractive young men and boys whom they can introduce to the world of sodomy and oral sex. One homosexual quoted in The Gay Report said, "Sex is very important in my life. If I was really hungry and had to make a choice of a steak dinner or a cute young boy, I would take the youth or young male every time." Another said, "I think that sex between older men and young boys is a beautiful thing if the child wants it."
It has been argued that heterosexuals are more prone to molest children because only 30 to 45 percent of all sexual offenses committed against children under fourteen were homosexual. But if homosexuals constitute only 10 percent of the population, then they are very disproportionately involved in child sexual abuse. And if more realistic estimates that homosexuals constitute only 2 percent of the population are correct, their involvement in 30 to 45 percent of crimes against children is quite remarkable!
An insatiable quest for the erotic: Although the homosexual community does not discuss this aspect of their sex life freely with "straight" (non-homosexual) people, the known practices of the homosexual clearly indicate that his sex drive is rarely satisfied. And two men are often given to demanding greater degrees of experimentation than a man and woman. This is often unhealthy, of course. One doctor, an acknowledged homosexual, pointed to an increase in hospital emergency rooms of cases of "rectal abscesses and infections of the intestines." He further stated that "damage to the wallof the intestine can lead to peritonitis, which can develop into a life-and-death-situation, as can a ripped colon. We're seeing a lot of that now, too." Upon questioning, he indicated that this increase was caused by homosexuals forcing objects of larger and larger size into each other's anal canal. Doctors have removed "whiskey glasses, bananas, coke bottles" and almost "anything that will fit." Another doctor, deeply concerned about the homosexual community because he was one himself, said, "There's a near epidemic of syphilis and gonorrhea--in the throat," and he went on to point out that most homosexuals don't realize that the throat is as vulnerable to venereal disease as the rectum. In addition to syphilis and gonorrhea, the gay male community has experienced outbreaks of ailments such as hepatitis (a liver infection) and amebiasis (infection from amoebas), shigellosis (bacterial dysentery), and giardiasis (intestinal parasites).
Ted Rudow III,MA
Class of 1996

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