Monday, September 23, 2013

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War drums

by Sat Aug 31 14:52:10 PDT 2013

Back in the early ‘90s when Yugoslavia was splitting apart, Serbia was the biggest part that was left, and it seized control of the Yugoslav army and armaments and tried to hold the country together by force. All the various provinces and ethnic groups were declaring their independence.

During this time, the U.S. and most of the rest of the world stood by and did nothing—or just talked and arranged peace conferences while people were being killed left and right.

Then when things started dying down a little in Croatia and the atrocities moved to Bosnia, the U.S. and its people still weren’t too concerned. After all, it was mostly Muslims who were dying there. It took Tsome real outrageous atrocities for the U.S. to stop the war. The situation is almost beyond fixing now. That’s why I said the U.S. response was too little and too late. They should have stopped Milosevic several years ago when he was killing Croats and Bosnians.They can’t stop him now unless they send in ground troops, and if they do that, they’ll have a real mess on their hands, let me tell you!

As the UN arms experts investigate the alleged chemical weapon strike in Damascus, the US and its Western allies are seriously considering military intervention against the Syrian regime. Though the UN experts are yet to conclusively establish who used the chemical weapons, war drums in Washington are getting louder. One must remember that the US case of weapons of mass destruction (WMD) against Iraq fell flat on its face. The regime change there, instead of bringing peace, has thrown the country in a vicious cycle of violence and turmoil that shows no signs of abating. Same is the case in Afghanistan, where the US, after years of conflict, is finding it hard to get a face-saving exit.

If the U.S. and allied forces go in on the ground to attack, the Russians are going to be very upset, and that could lead to a major war. The Russians and Chinese are especially upset at the U.S., but many other nations also consider the U.S. an arrogant big bully. Man’s inhumanity to man shows again that mankind can’t run its own affairs. Pray for the innocent who are suffering!

Ted Rudow III, MA


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