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Maybe it's because they have such a short attention span and memory. As one journalist commented, a short memory is a great boost to self-esteem. It helps when you can so easily forget the past and tune out reality. In Orwell's book 1984, the main character worked for the Ministry of Truth, dedicated to eliminating every vestige of the truth and replacing it with what the government said was truth.

When people fail to pay attention to the truth they are apt to become strongly deluded and believe a lie instead. This has been the favorite trick of despots and dictators throughout the ages. They get people's minds off their problems and needs and altercations by creating a much more frightening bugaboo, such as an external war or fear of their neighbors, or causing them to focus their fears.

The American government can be amazingly hypocritical when it comes to promoting human rights. Another pointed out that human rights activists in the Middle East say they can't even use the word democracy anymore as become a dirty word because of what people have seen going. Maybe other nations would have a little more respect for the United States if they saw it promoting freedom and human rights and democracy among its allies.

Ted Rudow III, MA

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