Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Endure suffering and pain

Endure suffering and pain

by Ted Rudow III, MA ( Ted Rudow III, MA )

Wednesday Apr 3rd, 2013
They have been a prey to America, and have been battered about and besieged on all sides, economically and militarily. So as Iran has been a tool in a hammer, it shall also endure suffering and pain, and attack by America. This shall drive a great wedge between America and Europe. But this tool is not enough to balance things, and as has been written by the journalists, Iran knows it shall be targeted, as Iraq was targeted and as Libya was targeted.

Those that are targeted and have been targeted have a unity in that they have been victimized by this threat, this superpower, America. So listen not, hearken not to those that cry, "Peace, peace," for there shall not be peace. There shall not be one world brought about through peaceful means. But there shall be one world that is a result of war, economic collapse and disasters.

The Arabs and Muslims of the world think it's unjust--and they're right! The U.S. is simply picking on a stubborn little trouble-making individual and country which most of the rest of the world doesn't like either, so they figure they can get away with it without any big problems. If that domino falls, then you may well see some Arab and Muslim nations fall as well, further polarizing the world.

Ted Rudow III, MA

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