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'Way back to true freedom is love'

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'Way back to true freedom is love'

Ted Rudow III, MA, Encina Ave, Palo Alto, CA

A dream of equality, a dream of unity, a dream of solidarity. What a fight, what a battle, as the brothers and sisters lifted their arms, hands raised and clasped together to show their strength and unity and oneness! What a fight, as we marched and protested and sang our songs of triumph and spoke our words of courage! What a fight, as we lifted high the banner of equality -- equal rights for all men and women, regardless of colour! What a fight, as we suffered humiliation and setbacks, degradation and injustice!

What a fight! But we continued on, courageous, strong, united, arm in arm: a force to be reckoned with! What has happened to our oneness? Instead of lifting each other up and giving of our time and strength and energy to make the world a better place for our brothers and sisters, we are now tearing each other down, fighting against each other, killing one another for no reason!

Drugs and violence and crime are taking the lives of our young men and women, ripping apart families, destroying whole neighborhoods and whole cities. I now see that so many of those of the once great nation of America have departed from the way of righteousness and the Love of God. Their way has become dark through their own sins -- greed, selfishness, waging of wars and taking from the poor of the world. The only way back to true freedom and strength, true unity and equality, is through love -- loving God, loving one another, loving the truth.

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