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Friend of Israel : Indybay

by Fri Aug 17 11:16:09 PDT 2012

Actually, the Philistines were not what is today. The Palestinians today, Palestinians are Arabs who moved in later. The Philistines were more closely related to what used to be the Lebanese, which were the Phoenicians, the to be the Lebanese, which were the Phoenicians, the ancient Phoenician Empire of traders, and they were actually more closely related to Hiram, King of Tyre, and some of them, although Hiram was more of a friend of Israel at that time, the time of David.

So the Philistines and their five famous cities used to occupy the coastal plain of Israel. Gaza was one of the major cities--the Arabs still live there-- of course Israel has now incorporated the Gaza Strip into Israel. It's now a part of the occupied territories, and they've just stolen away the whole country! It was called Palestine by the Romans, in Latin, came from "Philistia" which was the name of the country way back under the Philistines. It was the name of the country for thousands of years till the Jews came along.

Ted Rudow III, MA

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