Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Hurting Cuba

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Hurting Cuba

Issues Beyond Palo Alto, posted by Ted Rudow III, MA, a member of the Palo Alto High School community, 0 minutes ago

The U.S. is trying to blame Cuba's poverty and troubles and everything else on Fidel Castro, when for 50 years the U.S. has devastated Cuba through American sanctions and embargoes. Before Castro took over, the U.S. was Cuba's closest and biggest trading partner, and Cuba used to supply the U.S. with sugar, coffee, tourism and a lot of things. American men would go to Cuba to visit the prostitutes there. But Castro got rid of the prostitutes and Fulgencio Batista, who was the dictator and a bad guy.

The U.S. was happy to recognize Castro until he started nationalizing all the industries, businesses and plantations of the rich. The U.S. thought the embargoes and the sanctions would work, that it would starve Castro and his supporters out. They didn't work, so the U.S. then began to fight Cuba and helped some Cuban exiles stage the Bay of Pigs invasion under John F. Kennedy, which became a laughingstock because they lost so badly.

The beginning of the revolution has been the victim of terrorist attempts organized and perpetrated by terrorist groups of Cubans based in Miami. They have confessed their crimes, even in books that have been published and in interviews on television. But they have not been brought to justice. However, Cuba has more than 5,000 victims of state terrorism between the dead and the wounded. Thus, as a society, as a sovereign nation, we have the right to defend ourselves, and we do it peacefully. It's hurting the poor of Cuba more than anybody.

Ted Rudow III, MA

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