Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Jack Rasmus

Peninsula Peace and Justice Center Tonight! PPJC's Award-Winning Monthly TV Program and Public Forum Obama's Economy:Recovery for the Few
A conversation with Jack RasmusEconomics Writer for Z MagazinePolitical Economist, Santa Clara UniversityAuthor of Epic Recession: Prelude to Global Recession
Tuesday, September 6, 7:00 PMCommunity Media Center900 San Antonio Road, Palo Alto [ Map]FREE and open to all. Wheelchair accessible.
Jack Rasmus returns to Palo Alto to bring us an update on the still-faltering economic “recovery”. Wall Street and large corporations seem to be doing just fine, reporting record profits once again. But Main Street remains on the skids, with home foreclosures continuing apace and alarming unemployment figures refusing to budge.
Confronted with a Republican minority in the House that has shown its willingness to hold the country's economy hostage to its radical right-wing agenda, what can or should President Obama be doing to kick-start a recovery? Is massive deficit reduction really what is needed now? If not, why has Obama signed on the idea? What are the chances for new job creation efforts? Or is it already too late?
Dr. Jack Rasmus has a Ph.D in Political Economy and currently teaches economics and politics at St. Mary's College and Santa Clara University in California. He is the author of several books, with a new one, Obama's Economy, on the way. Prior to a writing career, Jack was an economist and analyst for several global companies and before that, for more than a decade, a local union president, business representative, contract negotiator, and organizer for several labor unions.
Be a part of the studio audience! I phoned in and said,The rich are so smart about making money, but they are so blind about seeing real value in the future and what it's leading to.
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