Thursday, August 18, 2011

Texas miracle?

Texas miracle?
by Ted Rudow III, MA ( Tedr77 [at] )
Thursday Aug 18th, 2011

Since announcing his candidacy for the Republican presidential nomination over the weekend, Texas Gov. Rick Perry has already raised eyebrows over a number of heated comments.
One of the comment was, "Since June 2009, about 48 percent of all the jobs created in America were in Texas.",Gov. Rick Perry
Governor Perry’s staff attributed the number to the Dallas branch of the Federal Reserve. The fact-checking group PolitiFact questioned its legitimacy, saying different time frames revealed Texas created a more modest percentage of national jobs. "Texas Miracle" is something that Rick Perry has been campaigning on for quite a while. What lies beneath those numbers, however, is the fact that Texas has also created many, many more minimum-wage jobs and low-wage jobs than any other state. And, you know, that’s the truth that lies beneath this "miracle."
The other thing about it is that Rick Perry has stripped away successfully just about every strand of the social safety net in his 10 years as governor. Texas education has been stripped to the bone. High school graduation rates are the lowest in the country. The rate of insurance is the lowest in the country. It’s a miracle for companies who want to exploit their workers; it’s not a miracle for anybody else.
Ted Rudow III, MA

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