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Witch hunt

January 05, 2011

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Tuesday January 04, 2011

The Oaks Theater is No More! Witch Hunt; Cursed Cell Phones! The Truth about the Tea Party Movement; The New Left; No Need to Close the Warm Pool in June; Clarification  

Witch Hunt 
Daniel Issa is about to head up a 'Witch hunt' against Obama. Issa as the incoming Republican Chairman of the House Oversight Committee vows to get President Obama. He even calls Obama one of the most corrupt presidents. Already cocked and loaded with subpoena power and some 208 'hearings' scheduled to investigate Stimulus Corruption, BP, Obama's Czars,Issa, vows to get President Obama. He even calls Obama one of the most corrupt presidents, So, Issa will spend his time ignoring the crooks on Wall Street and the-on going wars which have spent trillions. Richard Nixon, as a member of the House Un-American Activities Committee, received national attention for his hostile questioning of Alger Hiss. In 1950 he was elected to the Senate following a bitter campaign in which he unfairly portrayed his opponent as a communist sympathizer; the epithet "Tricky Dick" dates from this period. They wouldn't listen to us about Nixon and his perfidy, but now he is exposed and deposed!
 Ted Rudow III,MA 

Peninsula Peace and Justice Center

  Free forum tonight . . . WikiLeaks.  Do we really need the Senate?  True democracy.  And more . . .

A conversation with SEN. MIKE GRAVEL - Renowned for his opposition to the Vietnam War and his role in the release of The Pentagon Papers, the former United States Senator is still fighting for truth, justice and democracy. Other Voices TV, Tuesday, January 4, 7:00 PM, Community Media Center, 900 San Antonio Road, Palo Alto. Free.  Click here for complete details

I phoned in to discuss  Dan Issa' 'Witch hunt"

Live TV broadcast on Mid-Peninsula cable channel 27
Live web broadcast at Community Media Center's website (select channel 27)

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