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July 13, 2010

Letters to the Editor

Tuesday July 13, 2010

Pelosi Backs Two Ferries for Berkeley;Post-Verdict Riots;Anarchism?The Post-Reagan Era;Arizona Cracks Down Again; The Walls Came Tumbling Down;Planning to Plan Downtown; Coal Kills; Mayor's proposed Downtown Area Plan Ballot Measure; Kenneth Thiesen’s 2008 Opinion; Feminists for Life 

The Post-Reagan Era   
"It just boggles me to hear people say and write: The post-Reagan era encompassed one of the greatest economic expansions in history, without, yet, realizing that a synonym for expansion is to bubble and that it was the bursting of that unregulated, unmonitored bubble that brought on the economic misery we are in today, paying for that alleged “greatest economic expansion in history.” 
Keith Kreitman  
When Ronald Reagan became president, he brought into the office something that had been lacking in the previous three administrations: confidence. His programs were innovative (to be sure), and he was an eloquent orator. Simply put, Americans (in general) trusted his leadership, and he capitalized on that. "Reaganomics" instituted sweeping tax cuts, particularly for the upper-income taxpayers. The Reagan advisers assessed (correctly I believe) that more money in the hands of those with a surplus would be reinvested in the economy. The American economy boomed for nearly eight years, but President Reagan left the White House having bloated our economy with debt. The largest deficits in the history of any economy (nearly $2.2 trillion) were accumulated during the longest period of uninterrupted economic growth.
 "He's a warmonger, he's a militarist, he's rash and he's going to get us into a war"--so the people voted for him! They voted for war! Definitely a vote for rearmament, a vote for war, a vote for do something about the hostages, a vote for do something about the economy, a vote against high taxes, a vote for cutting taxes. All the things that Reagan has promised to do were things that you can see now the American people were in the mood for and are popular issues but in the end it lead to bankruptcy today!  
 Ted Rudow III,MA ***

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