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by Ted Rudow III,MA ( Tedr77 [at] )
Monday Jun 7th, 2010
Between the two World Wars, Palestine was under the control of the British who did much to improve the country and the plight of its pitifully poor people, mostly about two-thirds of them Moslems and one-third Christians. The Jews were an extremely small minority.
Before W.W. I the total Jewish population of Palestine was less then Fifty thousand, but under the British, Balfour Declaration and liberal Jewish immigration policies, the Jewish population of Palestine grew very rapidly until by World War II there were nearly a million Jews in Palestine, and after World War II the Jewish population boomed and doubled to over two million and is now well on its way to five million!
Palestine under the British, always noted for their hospitality, were usually kind and helpful to them and did much to encourage some of their settlements. But as their number grew and the Balfour Declaration was made, pledging the world's Jews a homeland in Palestine, it began to see what was taking place! They guests of the Palestinian but now invaders of Palestine and conquerors so fighting frequently broke out between them in spite of all the British could do to stop it.
The three-sided war of Cyprus in which British, Greeks and Turks were all fighting each other and where, for the same reason, Britain finally had to pull out as she eventually did out of Palestine on May 15, 1948 under a UN arrangement to divide the land between the Jews and the Arabs. But it never worked. The Jewish Israel in Palestinian was a literal, aggressive, and belligerent military invasion by European and American Jews! However, it was not looked upon as such by most of Western Jewish world, but as a rightful return of the Jews to their legitimate homeland after their expatriation nearly two thousand years ago.
So America and Israel will stick together to the bitter end, as they have proven in every Palestine-Israeli war so far. Western News media, propaganda sources and politicians fostered and favoured this view, and even Christian religionists were persuaded that this was the long-awaited Biblically-predicted regathering and return of the Jews and ordained by God.
Ted Rudow III,MA

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