Wednesday, February 10, 2010

When will we ever learn?

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Peninsula readers' letters: Feb. 10

From Daily News Group readers

So much for a nuclear-free future

Dear Editor: As part of a record $3.8 trillion budget proposal, the Obama administration is asking Congress to increase spending on the U.S. nuclear arsenal by more than $7 billion over the next five years. Obama is seeking the extra money despite a pledge to cut the arsenal and seek a nuclear weapons-free world. The proposal includes large funding increases for a new plutonium production facility in Los Alamos, N.M.

Last year on April 5, Obama made a historic speech in Prague dedicating this country to the long-term national security goal of abolishing nuclear weapons. Well, the budget that was recently released is a big, big step backward.

Stanford physicist Sidney Drell has said: "More and more we hear of usable nuclear weapons, and of nuclear war fighting and winning. Where are we going? Do we even still remember what nuclear explosions do? Does the post-Hiroshima generation still appreciate the horror of nuclear weapons and the dangers posed by the prospect of a nuclear conflict?"

When will we ever learn!

Ted Rudow III,MA

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