Monday, August 17, 2009

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News in letters published on 15/08/2009
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Agence France Presse (AFP)
"Mideast peace is unlikely in coming years - Israeli FM"
August 11, 2009

When the immigrating Jews were a very tiny group of guests in the Arab country of Palestine under the British, the Arabs, always noted for their hospitality, were usually kind and helpful and did much to encourage some of their settlements. But as their number grew and the Balfour Declaration was issued, pledging the world's Jews a homeland in Palestine, the Arabs began to see what was taking place.
The Jews were no longer considering themselves guests of the Palestinians Arabs but invaders of Palestine and conquerors of the Arabs, so fighting frequently broke out between them, in spite of all the British did to try to stop it.
Finally, during World War II, Britain issued the famous White Paper restricting Jewish immigration into Palestine for the duration of the war as Britain already had enough problems on her hands contending with Hitler without fighting with the Jews and Arabs, too, both of whom by this time were trying to throw off British rule and seize Palestine for themselves.
Britain finally had to pull out as she eventually did on May 15, 1948 under a UN arrangement to divide the land between the Jews and the Arabs. But it never worked. The Jews of Palestine immediately declared themselves the independent state of Israel and began launching a full-scale war against its Arab inhabitants, which still continues!
Although outnumbered ten to one, the Jews were plentifully armed with the most modern weapons and masterminded by the most brilliant minds of Europe and America. Western news media, propaganda sources and politicians fostered and favored this view, and even Christian religionists were persuaded that this was the long-awaited Biblically-predicted regathering and return of the Jews and ordained by God!
The Palestine-Israeli war is an American war being fought with American weapons for the American territory of an American colony - Israel!

Ted Rudow III,MA
Menlo Park, United States
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