Monday, July 27, 2009

Persecuting the poor


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Persecuting the poor


The Californian government has decided that they will no longer accommodate certain needs for the poor including pediatric services, dental services, optometrist and optician services, ophthalmology (doctor services for the eyes) will continue to be covered, etc.

Medi-Cal will no longer pay for these benefits and services for most adults although, there are some exceptions. They are $26 billion in debt, so they cut billions for the poor and disabled.

What usually happens in a case like this where the rich get so rich that they persecute, oppress, exploit and suppress the poor, grind them down until they don't even have enough to eat or a decent place to lay their heads?
Ted Rudow III ,MA

Palo Alto Daily Post
July 27,2009
A Pointless war
If there was ever a pointless war, it's the one in Afghanistan! The U.S. has no reason to be there, other than to keep the Taliban out of power. But they're doing a pretty poor job of that, as the Taliban are winning hearts and minds all over the country, while U.S. troops and the Afghan government are constantly losing ground, not to mention the support of the people.
They're also losing the lives of their soldiers in a war that they'll lose in the end, one fought for purposes that were never very clear, and which has cost the U.S. tens of billions of dollars that have mostly been misspent or wasted. And in the end, Afghanistan will be as big a mess as ever.
Ted Rudow III,MA

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