Tuesday, April 28, 2009



by Ted Rudow III,MA ( Tedr77 [at] aol.com )
Tuesday Apr 28th,
This is one religion that rules the whole Earth--Materialism, the worship of things. She's pictured as a beautiful woman adorned with precious jewels & gold & silver & living in luxury. This is man's ideal of the ultimate end in pleasure & luxury, a beautiful woman & riches! So she, Babylon, the Great Whore, is the great Witch that bewitches the whole Earth with her sorceries & her fornication to causes men everywhere to worship money & wealth & riches & material things of the flesh!

It doesn't matter if it's out in Squattersville, Shantytown or Hobo Haven, & it's nothing but a little cardboard hut made of cardboard packing boxes & tin & packing crates! If you worship it & love it & work hardest for it in order to preserve it & keep it above God Himself with no love for God nor your fellow man or neighbour, but just for your little shack, or your little grass shack on Kilikilique, Hawaii,
Even if they don't have a mansion, even if it's just a little cardboard shanty or a grass shack, if it has become your god, your idol, what you worship, what you'd rather have than anything in this World, it's your religion, it's your Whore, it's your Witch that has bewitched you with her craftiness & her demonic power to cause you to worship anything & everything except God, in a spirit of selfishness & greed & not love!--Not self-sacrifice, but only love for yourself.

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