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Sac Bee

Sac Bee
George F. Will: Back away from the cliff
Thursday, September 25, 2008 wrote:
But the capitalistic financiers of Europe: They'll all like a whole bunch panders. They've got a whole lot invested and they don't want to lose it. So they try to save her so they can save their investments, and they're trying to get the rest of the world to continue to make a little money on her. She thinks she's their owner, but they're her owner, It's totally artificial for them to support the dollar! If they'd just let the dollar sink down to where it belongs, America would sink! But the whole trouble is, they each own too much of a share in the worthless dollar, and they don't want to lose their investments. So the money panders get together and agree to support her dollars when she's sick and not earning them any money. Her wars for commerce, trade wars for the intercourse of Capitalism! Every war is fought for the love of money and the lust for power! America's panders,the merchants and moneychangers of the earth who have been made rich her particularly Europe.

George F. Will: Back away from the cliff
Thursday, September 25, 2008 wrote:
Its warnings, basic principles and likely outcome, are amazingly similar, if not identical, to the picture God Himself paints of the mysterious Babylon, the Great Whore and Mother of Harlots, in the Book of Revelation in the Bible in which God Himself uses some pretty strong language, as He does in many other places in the Bible! As He so often does, here God draws a vivid view and remarkable representation like a caricature cartoon of radical realities, and forms it into a simple story like one of His plentiful parables to graphically illustrate His point, so even the simple may understand! WE REMEMBER ALSO THAT A NUMBER OF GREAT BIBLE SCHOLARS were convinced that the world capitalistic commercial System of merchant materialism is this Babylon, and the Great Whore of Revelation 14, 16-19, etc.

Cal Thomas: Judgment Day is coming
riday, September 26, 2008
So who is this Great Whore? Mystery, Babylon, the commercial system and materialism, the worship of Mammon! The whole world, both Capitalists and Commuists, they all worship things. They all worship the gods of this World, things, wealth, possessions, money, and commercialism is a part of it, that's the way they trade and make some of their money. But a broader and better term, if you're going to include both Capitalism and Communism, would be Materialism. Another name for that god used in the Bible by Jesus was Mammon. He uses it as a significant term that they were familiar with, because that was the ancient god of wealth & money & possessions, houses, lands,etc. I don't think Communism would like to be accused of commercialism, although they're getting more commercial all the time and China is a good example.She is obviously the religion of the world!

Saturday, September 27, 2008
Their bidding
McCain is drunk with power, warmongering, an egomaniac who is only interested in serving his own selfish interests and in making a mark for himself in the world. Fear is his game! Many politicians have a remarkable talent for dramatics and acting and playing a role, and they can play that warm, kind, public image very skillfully, when in actuality their heart is far from it and it is just an act. On the other hand, there are some who are sincerely touched by the feelings of others and who do care about people and their plight but I don't think that McCain truly that at all. McCain is just the present pawn, the figurehead of a great worldwide bully government, which through its power, wealth and influence has been responsible for a phenomenally shocking amount of hurt and suffering to the poor people of the world. He is not the only one to blame; he is only a symbol for the evil American government, a representative who does their bidding.

Fundamental reform -- does California need an overhaul?
Sunday, September 28, 2008 :
Wrong way
Congressional leaders and the Bush administration reached a tentative agreement early Sunday on what may become the largest financial bailout in American history, authorizing the Treasury to purchase $700 billion in troubled debt from ailing firms in an extraordinary intervention to prevent widespread economic collapse Japan, China and other holders of U.S. government debt must quickly reach an agreement to prevent panic sales leading to a global financial collapse Japan is the biggest owner of U.S. Treasury bills, holding $593 billion, and China is second with $519 billion. Asian countries together hold half of the $2.67 trillion total held by foreign nations. It is a gradual process of boom, then downturn, then bigger boom, then another downturn. And one day, when the Moneyboys and his people have prepared accordingly, the downturn will become a recession, the recession will become a depression, and the depression will become the Crash.

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