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Nov. 29,2005
Spreading horror
Refugees continue to report the use of white phosphorous weapons - of seeing dead bodies with no bullet holes in them, just scorched patches of skin. A leading campaign group has demanded an urgent inquiry into a report that U.S. troops indiscriminately used a controversial incendiary weapon during the battle for Fallujah. Photographic evidence gathered from the aftermath of the battle suggests that women and children were killed by horrific burns caused by the white phosphorus shells dropped by U.S. forces.
The Pentagon has always admitted it used phosphorus during last year's assault on the city, which U.S. commanders said was an insurgent stronghold. But they claimed they used the brightly burning shells "very sparingly" and only to illuminate combat areas. A top United Nations human rights official has called for an investigation of alleged abuses in Fallujah including disproportionate use of force and the targeting of civilians.
The U.S. has declared "mission accomplished" in Fallujah, with the U.S. military claiming to have killed over 1,000 people in the week long assault. "They are dying of starvation and a lack of water, especially the children," a Red Crescent spokeswoman said. The wars and atrocities the United States has perpetrated and the weapons it has developed are simply horrendous.
The United States has been an agent of death and destruction in many third world nations, almost always leaving them in far worse shape than it found them. So the United States is no paragon of virtue, but the funny thing is that most Americans don't realize it, or if they do, then they don't generally care much about it. They maintain a mental image of the United States as the righteous, the virtuous, spreading peace and democracy everywhere it goes, and they quickly forget the horrors it spreads.

Ted Rudow III,MA
Menlo Park

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Jesus was NOT gay! As Michael Dingwall stated erroneously, "However, will our Christians accept Jesus if he was really a homosexual (or bisexual, at any rate)?--From these accounts and others not mentioned, it appears that Jesus did have a preference for guys.

The first thing St. John says in His Gospel is: "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. The same was in the beginning with God. All things were made by Him; and without Him was not anything made that was made" (Jn.1:1-3). It seems that only John really grasped the deepest and greatest meaning of Jesus, that Jesus was the Word of God, the Expression of God, the Love of God, as well as the Son of God! Jesus was most of
all the Word of God!

So in Genesis, because Jesus created everything "All things were made by Him", therefore Jesus created Adam and Eve! "Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh. So Jesus promoted sex! Male and Female, not sex-same or bisexual! GEN.2:25 -- And they were both naked, the man and his wife, and were not ashamed.

Ted Rudow III,MA (650-814-1077 or Tedr77@aol.com)

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Hands of the rich Ted Rudow III,MA (650-814-1077 or Tedr77@aol.com)

President Bush on Friday worked to smooth the United States' troubled image in Latin America, commending Argentina's efforts to improve its damaged economy. "The economy has changed in quite dramatic fashions thanks to the wise decisions you have made," Bush told the President of Argentina Nestor Kirchner.

"The economy has changed in quite dramatic fashions thanks to the wise decisions you have made," Bush told the President of Argentina Nestor Kirchner

"The leadership in Washington which dominates IMF policy is responsible for this economic catastrophe... Our political class bankrupted the country in the 1990s by implementing Washington's neo-liberal economic prescriptions." - Juan Luis Coraggio, Argentine economist and university rector.

By September 2001, Argentina had a total public foreign debt of at least $140bn, and perhaps as much as $160bn; its total indebtedness was perhaps $210bn. But austerity was the only weapon in the IMF's armory, each round deeper and bitterer than before. The Center for Child Nutrition Studies, which advises the World Health Organization, reports that one Argentine child in five is suffering from malnutrition, due to these conditions.

So I question the Bush statement, as all of Latin America suffered through the World Bank and the IMF. The only thing they think of with their little narrow minds is, how can I hang on to my money--my investments--my big dollars in the banks--to protect all my interests? And to hell with the poor! They think by hanging onto them, they can protect them.

But God's method of protecting them is to give to the poor--give them out--keep it in circulation--You're going to have to be better to the poor, or you're going to go bankrupt. You cannot amass all this wealth in the hands of a few rich and get away with it. (Luke 12:15-21

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