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What ever happened to chivalry?

Posted 10/24/2005

I believe in Love!--Love for God and others, for "God is Love!" (1 John 4:8). That's my religion--Love!
Love is everything, for without Love there is nothing!--No friends, no families, no fathers or mothers or children or sex or health or happiness or Heaven. There could be none of these without Love! And none of these is possible without God, for God is Love!
This is the solution to all of Man's problems of today as well as to his problems of the past: Love, true Love, the Love of God and the love of fellow man! The Spirit of God's divine Love which helps us all to fulfil His great commandment to love one another!--This is still God's solution, even in such a complex and confused and highly complicated society as that of the World today!
For it is Man's rejection of the Love of God and His loving laws that causes him to be selfish and unloving and vicious and cruel and unkind to his neighbour.--Man's inhumanity to Man, which is so apparent in today's weary World with all of its enslavement by oppression, tyranny and exploitation, robbery by the rich, with people suffering from hunger and malnutrition, disease and ill health, poverty and homelessness, overwork and evil abuse, the tortures of war and nightmares of perpetual fearful insecurity.
All of these evils are caused by Man's lack of love for God and each other and his defiance of God's laws of love and faith and peace and harmony with Him, each other and His whole Creation. "For he that loveth not his brother whom he has seen, how can he love God Whom he has not seen?" (1 John 4:20).
A lawyer Jesus was speaking to then asked Him, "Who is my neighbour?" And with the story of the Good Samaritan, He tried to show them that it is anyone who needs our help, regardless of their race, creed, colour, nationality, or condition!:
Ted Rudow III,MA
Former Grad Student
Menlo Park,CA

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