Tuesday, October 18, 2005


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Was it important for President Bush to have nominated a woman to the Supreme Court? NO

Posted 10/17/2005

Newly installed Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. to fulfill a pivotal Supreme Court vacancy,then President Bush nominated Harriet Ellan Miers, his White House counsel and former personal attorney, to the Supreme Court. Bush has fulfilled what neoconservative were looking for.The only way that the President can get a dictatorial control on the country is to get control of the Supreme Court. If any two of those can get together, they can control the other. But, if he can get control of five men.
Both Roberts and Miers are very "religious". The rich also need religion and rich religious organisation like the churches to try to comfort themselves for all the evil they've been doing , the poor they've been robbing. The wars they've been fighting, and also to subdue the poor and keep them from complaining about their poverty.
This is what Hitler said, this is what Stalin said, this is what every dictator has said! "First make your own country strong! Get rid of these enemies within!" The function of the religious system is to bless and sanctify rightist way . Mussolini and the Nazis had the blessing of the Pope, because the Catholic Church depends upon the right for its existence.
Ted Rudow III,MA
former Grad Student
Menlo Park,CA

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